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In this beautiful old city we work together with the Veritas foundation. It has many contacts in all areas. There are concerns about victims of domestic and/or sexual violence and child poverty. Childcare is provided. They cooperate with several local churches. There is a soup kitchen for the poor and the elderly. We provide them with surpluses from our care sector: Incontinence material, wheelchairs, beds, etc. But also donated new clothing that can be sold in their store. The soup kitchen is financed from this proceeds. More details can be read in our blog.



In this small village there is a rehabilitation hospital Centrul Medical de Recuperare si Ingrijiri Paliative Laslea Lukas Spital, with a palliative department. We came into contact with them through the Veritas Foundation in Sighisoara. There is also a lack of everything from paracetamol to beds and treadmills and other rehabilitation equipment. So we can use everything to help these people there. It was the first convalescent and palliative care hospital in Romania, it was founded 28 years ago by a doctor and a pastor. There is room for 25 patients paid for by the Healthcare Insurance House for 10-12 days. There is usually a double number of patients, often from poor families and uninsured. These do not have the option of being treated in private hospitals and the state hospitals have no more than 10-13 days. But a patient with a pressure ulcer or a patient with a stroke does not recover within 10 days. Similarly, a palliative patient.

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