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The deed of incorparation was signed on March 12, 2013 in Notariaat Strijen, Strijen Strijen.

Hands of Mercy was a fact.

Since then a lot has happened, a lot of moving, dragging, sighing and praying.

Now finally a permanent place in Oud Beijerland.

Message received!

collage bestuur nieuw.png

The Board currently consists of (from left to right and top to bottom)

Bernardine Verhoeff   - Voorzitter                   -  0626264516

Rinus Mulder                - Algemeen Adjunct    -  0653245416

 Vacature                       - Penningmeester       - 

Melissa Meijst               - Secretariaat                - 0657578389           

Ada Mulder                  -  Coördinator                - 0652452123


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