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Since March 2017 we have been working on "The shop" (Het Winkeltje") project.

First as a pop-up shop in the former school in the Margrietstraat in Oud Beijerland.


But since 2 September 2017 we are now permanently located in the business area on the Langeweg 5th in Oud Beijerland.


Entrance is at Wiveco, then drive on the back, to the last rolling door on the right.

"The shop"is open every Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00. Everyone is welcome to coffee and tea while visiting the shop.

Here we sell our best selected clothing to be able to pay for the shipping costs to Romania.

We would like to point out that the delivered good-quality clothing has enabled us to it has become possible to start projects on a mutual basis.


Due to your good clothes, there is a possibility for shops supported by foundations to sell these goods in Romanian communities. This, in turn, can pay for the energy costs of the soup kitchens.

The healthcare products we supply such as incontinence materials can result in free medical treatment.

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